Tomazo is a Saiyan warrior.

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Tomazo's new look.

He has a similar hairdo to Goku. He wears battle armor with no shoulder pads and a black undershirt. He still has his tail unlike the other Z Fighters.


He has many strong skills.

Conic Cannon:A powerful cone shaped blast. His most common blast attack.

Ki Blast:Like other Saiyans,he can shoot Ki Blasts.

Dire Energy Cannon:He charges his blast up,and shouts:"DIRE ENERGY CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!",then he pulses with a white aura,and shouts "FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!". It fires a beam with constant bio-electricity pulsing around it. The blast is gigantic,and is his ultimate attack.

Barrage:Like other fighters in DBZ,they can all punch and dodge rapidly.

Kame Hame Ha:Popular energy blast used by a ton of fighters in the show.

Flight:Using Ki,Saiyans can levitate and fly.

Clone Destruction Wave:Fighting the evil clones,this special wave wipes out clones. But it doesn't drain your life force like the Evil Containment Wave.

Copy:He is capable of using all of the Z Fighters attacks. In SSJ,he can use their fusion-only attacks. In SSJ2,he can use their Potara-only attacks. He is capable of even going Full-Power Super Saiyan 2. (FPSSJ2)

Spinal Crash:He crashes his knee into your back,then the other knee,the both,the he flips over you,and is in front of you,then flips back and smashes both knees into your back. Name is a fun on Vegeta's Final Flash attack.


Tomazo's story takes 7 years after the Cell Saga. 7 years after Cell was gone for good,over at the Kame House,

A mysterious ship landed near the shore and the cockpit opened. Instantly,Trunks was surprised. Krillin said "Something wrong,Trunks?". Trunks replied with "That...that energy!" Krillin was shocked as he now sensed it.

The Z fighters quickly exited the house,only to see a figure standing in front of the ship. Krillin took a look and said "Another saiyan! This can't be good!" The figure replied "Hmph." Goku assumed he was hostile,being that about every Saiyan they have met was hostile. He shot an energy blast at him and he just deflected it. Goku tried going SSJ,but Gohan stopped him and said "I got this,father." Gohan turned SSJ2 and charged at him. The figure sensed Gohan's huge power,and shocked everyone by going SSJ. Gohan was shocked,but continued charging at him. Only for the figure to block the hit. Gohan stepped back. The figure said "My name is Tomazo. I am from the future."

More of the story is under construction.