John Cena- Strongest Man.....!!!!!


John Cena is my Original Character, based on the hit telivision series: Drgagon Braull C. He is the main villain of the series, with power rivaling the likes of FrEEzsoa. John Cena was introduced in S4:E15, when he was being shown falling victim to a sad cum. Gok and his friends had to rescue John Cena from the big BAP, but unfortunately, John Cena BETRYAED Gok and Pickle to become the skronkest being the universe had ever seen. 

John Cena, as he appears in the anime adaptation.


John Cena was once a piesful man, living on his home planet of 'Skeleton Hell.' During his childhood, John experienced a traumatic incident, in which his parents were BRUTALLY MURDERED by Yoshi in a raid against his planet, lead by Mr. Coswell, my bus driver. (Fuck you, Mr. Coswell. I hope Bowser comes to life and kills you and takes your job i want b owser as my ubs driver.) After the raid, John Cena was forced to take up training to become a deadly warrior. He was taken in by the Master Swordsman Mighty Mouse, and was a quick learner. It is said that he soon overpowered Mighty Mouse and became the strongest swordsman on the planet. This was not enough for John Cena, though.
Johncena 324

John Cena being forced to watch the slaughter of his people.

When John Cena finally came of age, he decided that his home planet would not be enough, he needed stronger opposition, and traveled across the galaxy to WWE WRESTLEMANIA, where he became the most strongest fighter there ever was, and fought against menacing opponents, such as Fred Flinstone and Fruity Pebbles. His lust for power did not stop there, however. Once he had obtained the 7 Chaos Emeralds, John Cena travled to find Gok and his Friend to fight and win and become the strong. He was, however, defeated by the immense power that Gok and Friend possessed, and returned to his home planet, where he spent the rest of his days as a common farmer.
John cena custom

Super John Cena, as seen with the Seven Chaos Emeralds.